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Product Size: W 37.8''x L 52.3''x H 10''

Weight: 20.7 IBS


-Special Discounted Price Now!
-Limited lifetime warranty for all foam pads
-Satisfaction guaranteed
-Free refund in 30 days
-The two separate foam layers provide for easy and quick cleaning
-All covers completely machine washable
-Side cushions made of high quality foam
-Heat sensitivity memory foam (60 pores) maintains spine health at the highest level, with excellent weight distribution even with the largest breeds
-The bed softens with the heat of your dog and provides a comfortable temperature for long periods of time
-Welsoft fabric is excellent in providing air flow for the skin
-Easy-to-change covers, requiring half the time of a normal dog bed
-Zippers are hidden between the fasteners to make it easier to change the covers
-Completely waterproof for both top and bottom cushions.
-A non-slip bottom to prevent accidents
-Cushions are very durable with an elegant appearance
-Fasteners are heavy duty and tested 10,000 times
-Available in a wide range of covers and replacement parts

RobiPet Jumbo Dog Bed, Thermo Memory Foam Dog bed, Dog Bed Cover,Orthopedic Bed


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